Who We Are

Committed to Accuracy. Delivering Quality Due Diligence.

Clear Diligence provides due diligence services for a wide variety of organizations. Companies seeking fast, thorough and accurate analysis rely on our transaction experience and expertise to help them review and assess their information.

We are a team of experienced professionals who know and apply best practices. Our consultative approach builds partnerships with our clients resulting in well-run projects and useful data. We work seamlessly with corporate and legal dealteams providing project management services and producing a diligence product valuable for the transaction and the post-deal integration.

Our History

Since the firm’s founding in 2010 by attorney Lise Morrow, we have been helping companies conduct due diligence quickly and more cost-effectively. We have assisted in many projects ranging from due diligence on early-stage investments to the review of thousands of contracts for large-scale acquisitions, resulting in matrices that provide our clients with the information they need to make key decisions early in the transaction process.  We have worked hand-in-hand with corporations and law firms, and found that our services are complementary to theirs in a mutually beneficial way.

The Clear Diligence Difference


Our flexible model aligns with your requirements. Our findings are presented in a uniform and succinct manner and our methodology is scalable and able to handle very large projects. We offer predictable, cost-effective project pricing and tailor the data points we harvest to facilitate regulatory analysis.


We work very quickly – leveraging technology and a scalable workforce to expedite our process. Our clients typically hire us for large M&A transactions in which the diligence work surpasses the capacity of a company’s in-house personnel or a law firm’s deal team.


We conduct multilayer, efficient reviews of all information. We deliver quality output, helping our clients act quickly and confidently based on our findings.

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