Project-based Pricing for Predictable Fees and Cost-control

When you engage an outside resource to help you with a pivotal project, it is important that you get a detailed scope of responsibilities and deliverables. To manage your bottom line and timeline, you also need a firm price for anticipated work to be completed and a commitment to complete the work by the necessary deadline.

At Clear Diligence, we offer project-based pricing to clients who want predictable fees and control over transaction-based due diligence costs. Our pricing for contract due diligence is a per-contract blended rate, which is based on:

Pricing Process

  • Discuss the type of transaction and the general depth of information that you require on an introductory call.

  • Provide you with a price estimate based on the initial information.

  • Conduct an initial inspection of the diligence materials; confirm the specific information points required for the report

  • Provide a firm quote based on the number of contracts; length, type and form of contracts; points of information required; and timeframe for delivery.

If a deal is not completed, we bill proportionately based on the amount of diligence performed to date. Upon request, we also offer hourly billing.

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