Our Proven Methodology Delivers Results

Our methodology provides mission-critical information with pre-determined fees and rapid turnaround time for deal teams, legal counsel, operations, and key transaction advisors.

  • Identify Knowledge Needed and Construct Matrix

    Discuss the transaction and the key information to be harvested from the data in order to facilitate the post-deal transition.

    Identify fields of information to be harvested, which typically include 10 to 50 data elements per document, comprising financial liabilities, rights of termination, transfer restrictions, and restrictive covenants.

    Provide a sample matrix customized to your key points of information.

  • Access Data Room and Provide Pricing Estimate

    Perform a preliminary inspection of the documents in virtual data room (VDR) or hard copy format.

    Evaluate the number and type of contracts. Manage the process of setting up a VDR.

    Provide a pricing estimate for the engagement, including a firm delivery date.

  • Review Documents and Harvest Information

    Review the documents and other data materials upon approval of sample matrix and pricing.

    Leverage our secure, cloud-based technology platform and our reviewer team to harvest the requested information into a master matrix.

    Review and edit each point of information by relying on our contract review senior management team to ensure accuracy and uniformity.

    Provide additional services as necessary, such as VDR management, project management, and other transaction support services.

  • Deliver Matrix and Communicate Results

    Deliver a customized Clear Diligence matrix using our proprietary software that reports the desired information in an organized and consistent manner.

    Include a detailed memorandum that summarizes key information in the diligence matrix and highlights all significant points.

    Communicate results via delivery of the report and via memorandum, follow-up calls, and meetings as requested.