What We Do

Clear Diligence is the resource you can rely on for thorough, efficient and cost-effective contract review and analysis.

We harvest critical information and identify significant issues quickly, helping you make key deal decisions quickly and efficiently. We provide comprehensive project management services to expedite the due diligence process, working closely with deal counsel and in-house professionals.

Quality and accuracy are assured with multiple levels of review – and our services are scaled to match your project, enabling you to keep costs down. Our final deliverable, the Clear Diligence Matrix, is a powerful tool that many departments can leverage for insight and action.

Who We Work With

Legal and development teams with companies contemplating or undergoing an acquisition, investment, divestiture, or reorganization.

Law firms and investment bankers engaged to lead M&A bids and transactions.

Venture capital and private equity funds contemplating target investments or preparing portfolio companies for sale.

Companies restructuring their contract management process.

Our diligence services include:

  • Contract diligence – We review your contracts, harvest information, and present our findings in a powerful, easy-to-use format.
  • Lease abstraction – We examine your leases, gather intelligence, and present our findings in a comprehensive master report.
  • Management and customer diligence – We perform customer service diligence, order background checks, and conduct interviews with management.
  • Virtual data room (VDR) assistance – We oversee and manage due diligence production for your VDR, including uploading documents, preparing VDR handbooks, and coordinating with representatives of all parties to populate and maintain the structure, viewing permissions, and organization of the VDR.
  • Other related deal services – We provide customized services to meet each client’s specific needs, including deal management support and project management services.

For each type of diligence service, we have a specific, tested process.

We provide our services at a pre-determined fee quoted at the beginning of our engagement.

See how we can support the transaction and due diligence needs of your next project.